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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Socialism, Abortion, and Lies: A Millenial Look at Free Speech

French vote to criminalize pro-life speech!
In America, we have become accustom to enjoying the right of free speech. You don't like the president? Plaster that all over your blog. You're not a fan of taxes or healthcare? Discuss it on Facebook. You want to spread awareness on social issues even those where the law and your opinion or beliefs are in direct opposition: write an article, start a petition, march on D.C. Sometimes, as an American, I take the right to free speech for granted.

Obama's Shadow Government Set Up to Subvert the Trump Presidency

Red Pill Brief Part V

In the 7.38 minutes of Part V, Major Coughlin speaks about the Muslim Brotherhood and its global goal. Its strategic goal for the enablement of Islam in the United States is "to establish an effective and stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims' causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims' efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the Islamic State wherever it is."

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Are You a Doctor or Do You Know a Doctor Who Will Help Freddie?

Freddie Lempe is being denied treatment.
Another move by the culture of death to kill off a useless eater to save money. Read about Freddie Lempe's case here. WakeMed has adopted a policy of neglect. They are in North Carolina. If you know a pulmonary doctor who might help, please contact This young man was improving when they decided to stop treating. That halted his improvement. It's the same M.O. that happened with Hugh Finn and Terri Schiavo before medical facilities withdrew food and water, thereby starving and dehydrating them to death. Is that the next step for Freddie?

Red Pill Brief Part IV

This video is 8.46 minutes and it's IMPERATIVE that you watch this one. If you're confused about the history of the Left's destruction of the old order (society), Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, the ACLU and what's happening today, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic world, be confused no more. Stephen Goughlin connects them altogether in a crystal clear explanation.


Steve Bannon: Bogeman of the #HumptyDumptyMedia

Be afraid, be very afraid of the Left's
bogeyman, Steve Bannon (or anyone
with intelligence and common sense).
As I've mentioned often, I'm a big fan of Chronicles Magazine. I think it illustrates the most Chestertonian approach to politics in the media. This morning I'm reading an article (February issue) about the Trump bogeyman the left most loves to hate (after Trump, of course) -- Steve Bannon.

The author of the article, A.M. Fantini, describes a conference he attended in Rome put on by the Rome-based Dignitatis Humanae Institute which exists "to protect and promote human dignity based on the anthropological truth that man is born in the image and likeness of God." The theme was "Poverty and the Common Good." Among the speakers at the conference was Steve Bannon, then head of Breitbart News, who "stood out" among the conference participants

Anyone paying attention knows that Bannon has been vilified by the #HumptyDumptyMedia as an anti-Semite, a racist, a fascist, a misogynist...yadda...yadda...yadda ad nauseum. (Remember that the left resorts to name-calling because they have no argument based on facts.)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bravo for the President and Two Thumbs Down for the #HumptyDumptyMedia

President Trump gives masterful performance at press
conference. Surprise: Mainstream media excoriates him!
I watched the video of the president's press conference today and, as usual, the #HumptyDumptyMedia are misrepresenting it. They claim he only called on friendly reporters. Not True! He had an extended exchange with CNN's Jim Acosta. He also took a question from the BBC which is totally liberal. Many of the reporters asking questions were not identified before being called on so I doubt he knew where they were from.

Some outlets made a big deal about the president asking for a friendly reporter who posed an insulting question implying he's anti-Semitic. Trump shut him up. Good for him!

Peritus Gregory Baum Comes Out as Proud Sodomite and Adulterer

Do you ever wonder how we got in the mess we're in?

Gregory Baum was ahead of his time making the mess Pope Francis advocates. Isn't it consoling to know that such a man was among the "periti," (the experts) advising the Cardinals and bishops and helping to write the documents of the council?

Pray for the Church and study her doctrines so you won't be misled by the "mess" of pottage being stirred up in Rome. The teachings of the Church as they came to us from the apostles and have been reaffirmed throughout the ages continue to be our guides. Cling to your birthright and discern the spirit of evil, the "smoke of Satan" that has infiltrated the Church.

How the Pod People Led by George Soros are Taking Over Clueless Americans!

I own the Democrat party and many Republicans as well...
and the fellow travelers and useful idiots. who are my pods.
I WILL destroy America!

Did you ever see the Invasion of the Body Snatchers where alien "pod people" take over the bodies of humans who become members of the hive, with no individuality, completely controlled by their hosts? 

I can't help thinking of that when I see bloggers echo the mainstream media's mindless mantra that Trump has "banned all Muslims" from entering the United States. Can people at least fact check enough to recognize that simply is NOT TRUE! 

Red Pill Brief Part III

Major Stephen Coughlin's Red Pill Brief, Part III video is 12.36 minutes long. In yesterday's video we learned that the Left would rather be rulers in Hell than subject to heaven. In this Part III video Major Coughlin talks of the Quranic Concept of War which is "to strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers". He then further explains that in Islam the Quran is the uncreated word of Allah, that is, straight from Allah's mouth, therefore every word of the Quran is to be obeyed by every Muslim.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

If You Missed the President's Press Conference Today, Check it Out!

Link to the President's press conference

Red Pill Brief Part II (5.36 minutes)

In this second video, Major Coughlin (who is a Catholic) discusses Interfaith dialogue, Saul Alinsky and the OIC. He states that when Pope Benedict XVI came to America in 2008, he was speaking out about the dangers of the OIC but that the American Bishops undermined Benedict every step of the way. 

Do You Know Your American History? The Fight for the Constitution!

Ignorance is no virtue and, unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant of our heritage.

Ask anybody what they know about the ratification of the Constitution and most won't have a clue. Maybe they'll be able to spout the phrase, "the miracle at Philadelphia," from the title of the famous book by Catherine Bowen; but probably few can even do that. What do they know about the Constitution's contents? Most have never read it and know little or nothing.

How many, for example, know that ratification was not a foregone conclusion and that there was a bitter fight over it?

Screaming Mimi Pro-Aborts are their own Worst Enemies

This video hit a cord with me because it reminded me of an Operation Rescue event in suburban Maryland back in the '80s. I was the spokeswoman at the event which was crowded with both pro-life rescuers blocking the doors to the abortion mill and pro-abortion protesters opposing us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Fake News from the #HumptyDumptyMedia

NY Times Promote Fake Flynn Tweet

Stephen Coughlin's "Red Pill Brief"

I ran across Stephen Coughlin's Red Pill Brief on The Counter Jihad Report last Saturday morning and spent the day watching every video. There are 11 videos. The first and last are 25 minutes, while videos 2-10 range in length from 5 minutes to 11 minutes. I will post each video in sequence over the next 2 weeks since they're a MUST for anyone wanting to know where all the Islam came from in the past 40 years, plus how the Left and Islam play nice together. In the end, the Left will not be able to deliver, therefore Islam will step in and make order out of the chaos currently fomenting. However the trade off will be the new worldwide Caliphate. Welcome to stealth jihad. 

The Counter Jihad Report says:  "Maj. Stephen Coughlin is a retired U.S. Army officer and one of the foremost experts on Islamic law in the United States. For years he was well-known inside the Beltway for his Red Pill briefings of military commanders and defense officials on the topics of jihad and sharia. He was so effective in his work that the Muslim Brotherhood successfully arranged to have him pushed out of the Pentagon.

"More recently, he is the author of Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad, which incorporates material from the Red Pill brief, as well as much additional material on the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of Western governments, transnational bodies, NGOs, and the interfaith industry.

"The videos below are of a Red Pill briefing Maj. Coughlin gave to the Wiener Akademikerbund on May 23, 2015, under the auspices of B├╝rgerbewegung Pax Europa, following his participation with the team at the OSCE conference in Vienna.

"Recorded by Henrik R├Žder Clausen and edited by Vlad Tepes (h/t Gates of Vienna)"

Is Pope Francis a Formal Heretic?

Dr. Lamont thinks so.

And what if the pope is, in fact, a formal heretic? What are the faithful to do?

Mundabor suggests how to cope with a heretical pope.

It's not the job of the laity to declare a pope a heretic. But we do have to live with the consequences of confusion and chaos, and the best approach is not to let ourselves lose hope or be discouraged, but to continue to keep the faith and follow Christ according to the teachings of the apostles, the fathers of the Church, and the saints.

Keep in mind that during Joan of Arc's short lifetime there were several popes and several anti-popes. Our difficult times are not unique. But times like this call for courage and constancy. They also call for prayer. And I find St. Teresa of Avila's consoling. She was a reformer who faced tremendous opposition. Her enemies even tried to poison her. But she reminds of of this holy truth, "He who has God finds he lacks nothing; God alone suffices."

When the Pope is an Abusive Father, It's Blow after Blow!

Hmm...What can I do today to beat up the faithful?
I know, I'll have La Civilta Cattolica discuss reopening
the question of women priests. Yes, that'll do it. 
It's clear to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that things are not well with Holy Mother Church these days with Pope Francis at the helm. (See the articles linked below.) The barque of Peter can never sink, but she is certainly being drilled full of holes by the pope and his liberal cabal that act more like mafia dons than apostles.

Faithful Catholics need to pray, but not to be naive about what's happening. Has the Lord allowed this because lack of faith and our lukewarmness? There is a saying that you get the leaders you deserve. Read these articles and then make a Lenten resolution to grow in faith by studying Church dogma, in hope by reading the lives of the saints, and in charity by loving and sharing the truth with others. We are the light of the world. If the Vatican is turning off the lights, get out the candles!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The #HumptyDumptyMedia is Bringing this Violence to the U.S.

"Diversity?" That's what the liberal left calls it. Why isn't the media covering these stories? Easy answer: the liberal left goes berserk over Trump's reasonable travel restrictions because they want to bring down his presidency.

Wake up, women. Since the #HumptyDumptyCourts halted Trump's executive order, 72% of the "refugees" flooding the country are from countries well-documented for terrorism. We can expect violence against women to increase as well as other terrorist activity. If you try to make a tiger a housepet, you can hardly be surprised when he mauls you.

Muslim invaders scream "Allahu Akbar" as they destroy a suburb of Paris

Muslim rioters shout "Allahu Akbar" at 0:18 (faintly), then louder at 0:22, 0:25 and 0:28 as they destroy Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis a suburb of Paris. Later, a coachload of forty Korean tourists were robbed on their way back to their hotel in Saint-Denis. France is fast becoming "one of the worst destinations for foreign tourists."

Guest Post: The Pope of Insults Condemns Those Who Insult!

Editor's note: One is tempted to laugh. Would that be unmerciful?

Francis Apparently not Happy with Roman Posters

By David Martin

Pope Francis seems to have taken offense over an anonymous poster campaign which called into question his mercy. On February 4, Romans woke up to more than 200 posters of a stern-faced pope plastered all over the city, with a caption that asks, "But where is your mercy?"

Prayer vs. Profanity: This is Why We Will Win!

Please pray for these poor deluded women, Magdalenes before conversion. They have abandoned the dignity of their sex and transformed themselves into foul-mouthed beasts. The video reminded me of Don Bosco's dream about the snake and the rosary. Watch the video and then read Don Bosco's dream. Mary can lead these women to embrace their true nature. Keep praying for them.

Monday, February 13, 2017

What has Islam to do with the founding of America?

David Josiah Brewer
Supreme Court Justice for 20 years
December 18, 1889 - March 28,1910 
Answer: Nothing!

"The American nation, from its first settlement at Jamestown to this hour, is based upon and permeated by the principles of the Bible" 

- David Josiah Brewer

The following is from Wikipedia
Indeed, Justice Brewer's book, The United States: A Christian Nation, published in 1905,contained the following passage:
But in what sense can [the United States] be called a Christian nation? Not in the sense that Christianity is the established religion or the people are compelled in any manner to support it. On the contrary, the Constitution specifically provides that 'congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.' Neither is it Christian in the sense that all its citizens are either in fact or in name Christians. On the contrary, all religions have free scope within its borders. Numbers of our people profess other religions, and many reject all. [...] Nor is it Christian in the sense that a profession of Christianity is a condition of holding office or otherwise engaging in public service, or essential to recognition either politically or socially. In fact, the government as a legal organization is independent of all religions.

Articles Worth Reading: Combat "Nonsense on Stilts"

If you're sick of reading the #HumptyDumptyMedia, here are several articles for critical thinkers with common sense. Life is too short to waste it on the Post, the NYTimes, and the other politically correct purveyors of fake news.

The Slandering of Cardinal Burke

Defense of Slavery by Muslim Professor at Georgetown

Subjectivism and Amoris Laetitia

Girl Boy Scouts: the White Flag of Surrender

#HumptyDumptyCourt gets it wrong

Only rich elitists can afford to shop at Nordstrom anyway

Guest Post: Love is Not Grey - Why I'm Skipping the Movie

You know you want to be dominated. You
fantasize about men raping you.
I'm just here to oblige. Want to watch
Fifty Shades Darker before we get it on? 
Editors note: These films train men in vicious crimes against women. What's next? The glorification of serial killers? It's porn, plain and simple. And porn always requires more: more variety including sadism, more violence, and more extreme behavior. Mainstreaming this pornography will create more Ted Bundys! Go to the link and watch Bundy's interview with James Dobson. It's the porn, Stupid!

Tell us again, girls, how crude and misogynistic Donald Trump is as you slobber over the sick messages of these male domination/rape films? And note that in the rape case described in the article below, the accused got off because he claimed they were just role playing the movie where "no" really means "yes." In the 50 Shades of Grey world, no woman is safe since rapists can always say, "She wanted it." 

Haven't we been there in the past? I thought we'd advanced from the all-women-are-sluts-who-really-want-to-be-raped era. Guess I was wrong. On the other hand, is it possible that liberal women like those at the Women's March agree with the message? They were certainly lewd and crude and...well... slutty at the March. How many enjoyed these films saying, "It's just sex."